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A black couple crouch outside a newly-purchased home. The female partner at the left, on one knee, watches, smiling, as the male partner on the right places a "sold" decal over the "for sale" sign in the lawn.

Donor Partnership Helps Create the Next Steps Fund

Aligning with The Pittsburgh Foundation’s strategic plan’s focus on the areas of economic mobility and racial equity, the Women Donors Network decided to concentrate on home ownership. The Next Steps Fund was launched to boost Black home ownership equity.

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KDKA+ Intersections

Catapult Culinary Helps Bring A Community Vision to Life

Several community groups are involved in planning the vision for The Celebration Hall of Larimar, including Catapult Greater Pittsburgh. Lachelle Bell, Director of Entrepreneurship for Catapult Greater Pittsburgh, discussed the vision for Celebration Hall with Lisa Smith during the special edition of KDKA’s Intersections.

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Homeownership is within reach!