Community Wins: 24 Carrot Juice Opens First Storefront

Abu and Darla Timbo, the owners and founders of 24 Carrot Juice
Participating in the 2023 Catapult Culinary cohort provides crucial guidance on navigating the complex requirements of the food service industry.

Another Catapult Culinary alum has flown the nest and is traveling far. In February of this year, Abu and Darla Timbo, the owners and founders of 24 Carrot Juice, opened the doors to their first storefront at 4114 Penn Avenue in Bloomfield.

The cozy juice bar offers cold-pressed juice and bowls made from all-natural fruits and vegetables, providing a convenient and healthy juice experience that never compromises on taste or ingredient transparency.

A Fresh and Healthy Focus

After years of spending way too much money on drinks for their three active children that were not nearly as beneficial as they claimed to be, the husband-and-wife duo were determined to come up with fresh and healthy drink alternatives that were not full of additives.

At the same time, they wanted to spread the word about a more holistic approach to health within their communities. As a psychologist and professional counselor, Darla has been helping people address their mental health for years, but she recognized the need to take things a step further.

“Our mental and physical wellness go hand in hand, but people aren’t always making the connection that when we treat our bodies right, we can live longer, healthier lives. That’s really our mission — to have everyone, from kids to adults to grandparents, coming in for fresh pressed juice and getting the word out about health,” said Darla.

Abu and Darla discuss nutrition and the psychology of food

That’s why, in addition to offering juices and bowls, 24 Carrot Juice will offer workshops that discuss nutrition and the psychology of food. They also want to address the issues of food insecurity and food access through their workshops and by attending community events in disenfranchised areas.

Catapult Culinary and the Food Service Industry

The Timbos say that participating in the 2023 Catapult Culinary cohort was instrumental to their success, giving them crucial guidance on navigating the complex requirements of the food service industry.

“There's a large portion of the Pittsburgh area, especially in Black communities, that don't have equitable resources or access to healthy foods, produce, or wholesome things. My husband and I want to highlight what that looks like, especially for Black people who might not otherwise go to a juice bar or know that this is an option. We wouldn't have known which certificates and food safety procedures we had to conduct through the health department if we didn't go through Catapult. They just embraced everybody in the program. We all worked together. We shared ideas, struggles, trials, triumphs — all of that stuff."

Catapult Culinary graduates

Big Dreams for 24 Carrot Juice

The Timbos have big dreams for 24 Carrot Juice. In the short-term, they are focusing on getting their products on Uber Eats, but eventually, they’d like to open a few other locations to make healthy options more accessible throughout the Pittsburgh area. And even further out, they hope to ship their products all around the country and beyond.

At Catapult, we can’t wait to follow their journey and support them as they evolve.

“That’s one of the things I really love about Catapult — when you graduate, they don’t just kick you out the door,” Darla said. “They continue to help you and push you forward.”

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