CommUNITY Champion: Tammy Thompson and Circles Greater Pittsburgh

Portrait of Catapult Greater Pittsburgh Team
Portrait of Catapult Greater Pittsburgh Team


Circles Greater Pittsburgh takes people from surviving to thriving, by starting a cycle of giving.

Tammy Thompson is the executive director of the organization. She said, “It’s a really cool way to help people, specifically people who are in poverty who have been working really hard on their own to get out.”

She said those involved come from different backgrounds, ages and races, but gather with one common goal. That goal is to find the pathway to success and follow the journey together.

“Everybody who is part of this network is benefiting from each other, so nobody is benefiting more than another person. Everyone is leaving this experience being better for it because they are learning about a different culture, learning about different experiences. They are relieving themselves from their bubbles sometimes,” said Thompson.

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